About Us

Feed A Million Mouths International (FAMMI) is laser focused on poverty alleviation by addressing the two key pain points – Nutrition and Education. We aim to feed one million vulnerable people in Uganda. We further aim to get street children and slum kids into school in a sustainable manner. We believe that escape from the poverty trap must be built on the twin pillars of education and nutrition. 

FAMMI is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, allowing it to operate as a Social Enterprise. 

FAMMI blends, packages, and commercialises fortified foods for individuals and at-risk communities in UgandaFAMMI is motivated by the fact that the quality of nutrition, in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, largely determines what quality of future that child will have. Inadequate nutrition during this crucial period, both for the pregnant mother and her baby, can have a permanent effect on the child’s cognitive and physical development.

FAMMI operates on a Business to Business (B2B) model. We are developing a customer base of institutions and NGOs working with nutritionally and economically vulnerable groups. FAMMI seeks to serve the following specific sectors

  • Street Children
  • At Risk Communities
FAMMI works with the nutritionally and economically vulnerable REGARDLESS of religious, political, ethnic and linguistic affiliation or sexual orientation.

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