Dwelling Places

Dwelling Places is a Christian NGO that envisions a society where every child has a chest to rest their head on and a place to call home, through provision of holistic care services to former street-connected children, high-risk slum families and abandoned babies. 

Spearheaded and founded by Rita and William Nkemba, Dwelling Places officially began operations on 22nd August 2002 with a sister charity registered in Glasgow, Scotland, aimed at helping raise awareness and funds for the children and families in Uganda. 

DP follows a holistic program to restore and rebuild the children and families in its care. The ‘Restore’ programme is dedicated to rescuing vulnerable children and rehabilitating them through healthcare, education and reconciliation with their families. 

The ‘Rebuild’ programme is dedicated to helping families welcome their children back into the home and to enable alumni to develop and enjoy a sustainable way of life after leaving. DP has rescued over 1,626 children off the streets and has resettled them with their families. 


DP works closely in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the local government to support the school and the teachers in Karamoja, Napak and Kampala. To this end, DP pays school fees for over 398 pupils.

Feed a Million Mouths International (FAMMI) and Dwelling Places (DP) have formed a strategic partnership to stop at source the migration of Karamojong children to the streets of Kampala. The organisation also works with the families of these children to help them develop and grow income generating activities. 

FAMMI and DP have entered into a strategic partnership. FAMMI has made a commitment to provide the 380 children with one serving of NRG Xtra, every day of the school year. This is a commitment of 13,870 kg of food that will make a significant difference to their futures.

The unique advantage in this initiative is that the FAMMI/DP partnership is addressing the Street Child issue at source. We are addressing the very issues that drive them onto the streets of Kampala. Together, we are providing food and education for 380 children. Microfinance is built on

the conviction that low-income individuals are capable of lifting themselves out of poverty if they are given access to financial services.