One Day MBA

The FAMMI One Day MBA (1DMBA) is the ultimate Hands-On Business Skills Workshop for Micro and Small Businesses. At FAMMI, we believe that giving handouts to the disenfranchised and economically vulnerable may be a very short-term necessity. We do not believe that this is a sustainable solution. Any sustainable escape from the poverty trap will be built on the acquisition of knowledge and know-how.

Economically vulnerable people are not stupid. At FAMMI, we believe that the economically vulnerable have skills, and energy and determination to provide for their families. They have dreams! Often the dream is to feed the family and pay the school fees for their children. FAMMI salutes this dream as honourable and dignified. The question that follows is not reserved only for the economically challenged. It is asked by millions the world over.

The question is “How do I start my own business?

The FAMMI One Day MBA provides an answer to this question. 

The 1DMBA is a hands-on workshop that equips participants to start their own income generating activity.  This workshop has a proven track record of training people to start their own businesses in Europe, Africa, and Sri Lanka. The 1DMBA has been delivered to micro, small and medium sized business, with success. However, in Uganda, our preferred focus is an audience of those who want to start a micro-business or a small business. 

The 1DMBA requires no initial business knowledge. It takes participants from a zero-starting point. Currently, the workshop is taught in English. Future developments will see the course being delivered in Luganda. Further course development is exploring the possibility of teaching this course to those who are illiterate. We believe that limited or no formal schooling should not deprive anyone of financial security. I may be poor, but I have a dream.