Katwe Central Primary School

Katwe Central Primary School (KCPS) can best be described as a modest institution. The school has 8 classrooms for up to 250 pupils. This centre of learning is situated in the most notorious slum area of Kampala, Uganda.The children at this school would have much to lament. For example, ramshackle accommodation, absentee fathers, households on the precipitous edge of starvation.

This is exasperated by violence and ubiquitous squalor. However, over the several years that I have spent getting to know the pupils, I am constantly uplifted by the positivity of the staff and especially from the pupils. “I will be a nurse you know, Sir. I want to help as many people as possible.” 

Another says to me “I will be an English teacher Sir. Already I support my teacher in helping the weaker ones in the class.”

Robert Masaaba 1
Robert Masaaba - Headmaster KCPS

If you listen carefully, you can hear the persistent heart throb in any corner of the school. It goes something like this “Hope! Hope! Hope! Hope!” Every pupil hears it. Every pupil echoes it. Every pupil marches to this rhythm. Every one of their steps is punctuated by a smile the size of the new moon. So, I hear you ask, why is the attitude and achievement at this very humble school so remarkable? The answer is simple – Maasaba Robert. 

He is the Headmaster at Katwe Central Primary School. He radiates visionary leadership that puts a spring in the step of each child and teacher. Every day brings a new set of obstacles.

With unwavering humility, he says “God will help us.” FAMMI is proud to partner with KCPS because of the intense vision of the leadership that is married with unwavering belief in each child and the highest level of integrity. Currently, the FAMMI/KCPS collaboration embraces three projects: Take me 2 School, the kARTwe Project and the Grow Garden project. FAMMI provides each child at KCPS with a meal of our NRG Xtra porridge every day. This promotes higher energy levels over a sustained period. This in turn promotes growth and great academic excellence.