Soroti Cricket Academy

In 2021, Soroti Cricket Academy signed a partnership with Feed A Million Mouths during the lockdown period to mitigate the loss of livelihoods that was an effect of the lockdown. 

Since 2021, over 100 families benefited from the same program. The Soroti Cricket Academy has extended support to its stakeholders during the period of the second lockdown.

Since 2021, through the same partnership with Feed A Million Mouths Uganda, the academy was able to distribute more than 3 tonnes of nutritious NRG extra for its cricketers, their families, and teachers who are part of their programs.

The nutritious high fibre meal called NRG Xtra has the ability to keep one sufficiently satisfied and still avail all nutritional benefits. This innovation has proven to be an effective solution in vulnerable communities where accessing food is difficult.

During lockdown, the goal of the partnership is to feed at least 500 households for a period of six months. A partnership that will clearly have a big impact on the community. Soroti Cricket Academy, founded in 2014, has used cricket to try and solve societal problems such as early marriages, 

gender-based violence, and school dropout. Their programs have mostly targeted communities from the urban poor settlements. The academy has been able to produce some exciting talent that has greatly benefited the ladies’ national team.