Where Does My Breakfast Pack Go?

The Buy Breakfast package that you choose will go directly to the project that you select. You can choose to support any or all of our five projects. These are:

Take Me 2 School

The Take Me 2 School project is implemented in partnership with the Katwe Central Primary School and Dwelling Places. It takes slum kids and street kids off the streets and into school. They are reconnected with their biological families or close family members. Where this is not possible, they are placed in carefully selected and trained foster families. They are taken into school at the Katwe Central Primary School. 

All pupils at the school are given a free high nutrition meal, every day, when they attend school. This acts as an incentive for them to come to school. If you choose to support this project, your contribution will be used specifically and exclusively for this project.

The Grow Garden Project

The purpose of the Grow Garden project is to create a garden at the school that will provide the students with a practical and sustainable way to learn agriculture and healthy food choices. The children are also given a chance to think of how to use the space. They are actively involved in planting, looking after the vegetables, and harvesting. 

This gives them hands-on experience and valuable skills for the future. All project participants are given a free high nutrition meal. If you choose to support this project, your contribution will be allocated to efficient implementation of this project.


The kARTwe Project is our art in the community project. Each participant in these workshops is given a free, highly nutritious meal, when they attend the course. For many, this will be the only meal that they have for the day. If you choose to support this project, you will be providing healthy meals for these budding artists.


Feed a Million Mouths International treats your Buy Breakfast contribution as a DEDICATED contribution. This means that 100 % of your contribution is used entirely and exclusively for your selected project. No part of your contribution will be used for Administration Costs, Operational Overheads or any other miscellaneous expenses.