At Risk Communities


FAMMI supplies agencies that run community development projects and who have feeding programs in slum areas.

This is not only a business decision but also a legal requirement. It is against the law to feed children directly on the streets. The Government feels, understandably, that this action would attract even more children onto the streets.

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Nursery Schools: Pre-primary children can begin school at age three. Most urban areas have fine preschool facilities. There are at least 290 nursery schools in the greater Kampala area. Most nursery schools have a feeding program. Each nursery school has between 20 to 50 toddlers.

Primary Schools: There are at least 996 primary schools In the greater Kampala area. The number of children in primary education is significant and growing. In 1999, across the country, there were 6 million pupils receiving primary education, compared to only 2 million in 1986. Numbers received a boost in 1997 when free primary education was made available for four children per family. The number has continued to grow since then. A large number of these schools have feeding programs. Each primary school will have between 350 – 850 pupils.