Our Team

Milly Bayiyana - General Manager

Milly is a seasoned professional with a passion for making a difference in people’s lives. She graduated from the Makerere University Business School (MUBS) – in Kampala, Uganda, with a BA Entrepreneurship. For more than three years she has served as the General Manager at Feed a Million Mouths International in Uganda. She leads a dedicated team in a mission to provide nourishment and empowerment to those in need.

With over 15 years of experience in customer service, she has honed her skills in understanding and addressing the unique needs of individuals from various walks of life. For her, this background comes with lessons of empathy, patience, and effective communication in fostering meaningful connections.

On this exciting journey, she believes in leveraging my skills and experiences to continue making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Mark Montgomery – Director

Mark has been committed to humanitarian development work for most of his adult life – either as a volunteer or in a full-time capacity – in several East European countries such as Poland, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. He is committed to developing local leadership over “importing” expat talent. He argues that this is the only way to build sustainable enterprises. Mark is no stranger to Africa and indeed no stranger to Uganda. He has lived in Belgium for more than 40 years but is still “Proudly South African.” Mark started FAMMI at the end of 2012. 

Mark also works as a consultant and freelance worker in the IT world. His expertise is in the areas of Technical Writing, Business Analysis and Functional Analysis. He has worked for companies such as SWIFT, The National Bank of Belgium and The National Lottery in Belgium. Mark holds an MBA and is a Member of the Institute Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC), Member for the Chartered institute for IT (MBCS) and member of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection. He is also a Certified Expert in Microfinance (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management).

Email: mark@fammi.org
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Catherine Nambatya

Catherine is the FAMMI Programme Manager. She is responsible for three key projects. These are the kARTwe Project, Take Me 2 School and the Grow Garden Project. In addition to this, she overseas the FAMMI accounts and administration requirements.

Cathy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Records and Archives Management. Before joining FAMMI, I worked with the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) in the Records and Archives department managing their records. Cathy’s hunger to learn is only surpassed by her desire to serve. She is greatly appreciated by the children and young adults in the kARTwe project. She is also highly respected by the Katwe Central Primary School, local community leaders as well as by the FAMMI project partners. She executes her responsibilities with dedication and passion. This often causes her to look very serious. However, she will burst into a fit of giggles at the slightest provocation.

Joan Nakiryowa

Mrs Joan Nakiryowa Sentongo coordinates the Garden Grow project in the Katwe slum, in Kampala, Uganda. She teaches the students at the Katwe Central Primary School to advocate for climate change. She is a Green City champion and chooses to share her skill and passion with the most vulnerable in the community. When she joined the FAMMI team, she brought with her a wealth of experience in urban farming and interior designing.

Joan is a cocktail of high power and high passion. Yet she has the calm of a servant leader when dealing with the students. She mentors them in best practise for growing fresh food in a confined space, and teaches the value of fruit and vegetables in optimal nutrition. She is a visionary. She cultivates sustainable skills that her students will leverage for themselves and their families for many decades after they have graduated from school.

Sylvia - Namukasa

Sylvia has been part of the FAMMI team for many years. She is our silent “Wild Card”. She does not say much. Sylvia is more about BEING than about DOING. Because of Sylvia, our office is always ship shape and sparkling.

Sylvia’s biggest contribution is on Saturday mornings. In the kARTwe program, we teach three art classes, at the Katwe Central Primary School in Kampala, Uganda. Each attendee is given a meal of our delicious NRG Xtra high nutrition porridge. This meal is prepared and served by Sylvia. She quietly and consistently puts a smile on every child’s face.

Malcolm Montgomery - Brand Ambassador (South Africa)

Malcolm, based in Johannesburg, has served as Director of a Children’s Home, focusing on family reconstruction and reintroducing children into community care (9 years).  He was Senior Group Human Resource Manager to a Private Education Group (12 years) where he championed Management & Leadership Development initiatives and the grooming of management at all levels. Malcolm is Director of Astute Solutions. His company offers Coaching and Training services to companies of all sizes, in South Africa and in Vietnam.  He is the FAMMI Brand Ambassador in South Africa.

Hillary Baguma - Brand Ambassador

Hillary is an ardent learner and a gifted communicator. He is wildly passionate about and proficient in marketing. His skill has been honed by 11 years of working, volunteering, and entrepreneurial experience. He proudly delivers business and marketing objectives through innovation, digital transformation, strategy, brand repositioning, renovation, and through-the-line campaigns across all tiers. 

Hillary relishes in his ability to empathetically and yet pertinently communicate key information effectively across channels. His career path has included roles in Performance analytics, Price management, Sales, Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Communication, stakeholder engagement, and Marketing in Uganda Breweries, where, currently, he is Brand Manager Mainstream spirits. Previously, he fulfilled a similar role at Total Energies.  Hillary says “I am also delighted to volunteer with the Soroti Cricket Academy, Feed A Million Mouths International, and, previously, The SMACK League. I am deeply invested in creating positive impact on brands, organisations, people, and the community, with my knowledge, proficiency, and passion for marketing.”

Kenneth Busuulwa – Production and Quality Manager

Kenneth graduated from the Ugandan Christian University with an MBA in Marketing. He also holds a BSc Food Processing Technology from Kyambogo University.

Kenneth is responsible for the production of our products. He conducts regulatory tests and analysis of the individual components as well as on the finished product. He is also responsible for submiting our products to the Ugandan National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) for certification. Kenneth is a keen football and music fan.

Email: kenneth@fammi.org

Joelle Montgomery – Communications Officer UK

Joelle graduated from the University of Liège, in Belgium, with a degree in Media and Communications. She is widely travelled and has a passion for languages. With her husband, she runs their translation and interpreting company.

Joelle is also a professional photographer. She is Belgian, but has lived in the UK, for many years, with her husband and their two sons.

Humphrey Kyamba

Humphrey is an experienced writer with a demonstrated history of working in the Apiculture, Public Relations, and Communications industry.  He is skilled in Writing, Bookkeeping, Beekeeping, Marketing and Corporate Communications. This dynamic entrepreneur volunteers his skills to promote the work of FAMMI. His deft and delicate initiatives result in building our public profile. Thanks to him, the work of FAMMI has been featured in several major newspapers, news channels and social media.

Humphrey is also a keen outdoors man. He is a mountain slayer. Recently, he climbed both Mount Sabyinyo (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Mount Gahinga which is a dormant/extinct volcano in the Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda and Uganda – in only 48 hours.

Willy Okecha – Art Teacher

Willy is a talented Ugandan artist and storyteller. He was born and raised in Kampala. He discovered his passion for art at a young age. With naked enthusiasm, he explored various artistic mediums like painting with his four brothers, collectively known as the Okecha Brothers. As he grew older, Okecha developed an interest in technology and pursued a degree in Computer Science at Ndejje University. While studying, Okecha dabbled in digital art, using technology to create captivating illustrations.

In 2019, he rekindled his love for visual arts and began incorporating his technical skills into his creative endeavours. Alongside his brothers, Okecha co-founded a creative production company called Tateno Pictures, aiming to bring their artistic vision to life. Okecha’s work focuses on combining technology and art to tell engaging African stories. His digital illustrations capture the essence of African culture and heritage. His photography and videography explore the intersection of technology, the environment, and scientific
exploration. He also shares his knowledge and inspires young minds by conducting art classes for children in Kampala’s suburbs.

Through his artistic prowess, Okecha endeavours to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Africa and raise awareness about environmental conservation and scientific discovery. His commitment to bridging art, technology, and storytelling is evident in his daily work, inspiring others and fostering a deeper appreciation for African culture.


Rogers is a contemporary visual artist. He draws inspiration from the surrounding environment and from nature, but most of all from humanity. He majors in portraiture and in capturing faces with different expressions, to communicate different ideas, feelings, and moods, to the world. He started art way back in primary school, by learning to sketch. At secondary level, he was introduced to art as a subject. He studied it for six years. By the time he was in form six, he dived into contemporary art and thus created his first artworks. These showed baby steps in his growth in the craft. 

Rogers holds a bachelor’s degree in Art and industrial design from the Kyambogo University – Uganda.
To date, his creations are rendered on a range of surfaces such as walls, canvas, waste paper, and more. He was part of the Alchimiography group show, held at Motiv by monk.e, at the Ndugu Gallery opening (Uganda) and at the Abryanz Fashion Awards.
He is working on different series of artworks such as Water is a Human Right, Solitude and more.

Moses Nkamuhabwa – Art Teacher

Since 2014, Moses, a renowned educator in the field of visual art, has devoted his career to developing the abilities of youngsters between the ages of 9 and 18. He seeks to encourage the young people he works with so that their creative potential can develop because of his unwavering passion for the visual arts.

Moses has had a significant influence on young people throughout Uganda’s primary and secondary schools as a mentor over the years. His involvement in initiatives that promote artistic links and cross-cultural engagement means that his influence extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Notably, Moses has been crucial in establishing joint projects between students in Ugandan schools and their peers in the US through the Creative Connections Art Link Exchange program. His work with Arts By Children has also demonstrated his dedication to the arts by allowing him to take part in numerous meaningful art projects.

Moses continues to passionately convey his abiding love for visual art in addition to his teaching pursuits. He devotes his time to training young people at Tender Talents Theatre and the prestigious KARTWe Street Art Project, freely sharing his talents and expertise with ambitious young painters. By working with these groups, Moses not only broadens his own artistic repertoire but also develops the abilities of aspiring artists, giving them the self-assurance and technical know-how needed for their creative endeavours. Outside of his academic accomplishments, Moses follows his own artistic interests with vigor, producing beautiful works of art that are a monument to his limitless imagination. He has also investigated the field of performing arts, where he continues to discover inspiration and fresh ways to convey his artistic vision as a result of his restless curiosity.

Moses has cemented his reputation as an influential figure in the artistic community via his persistent commitment to the visual arts and his enthusiasm for empowering young minds. Through his diligent efforts, he fosters a legacy of originality, innovation, and creative brilliance, leaving an enduring impression on the following generation of artists.