Pregnant Teens

Pregnant Teens

FAMMI sells directly to the organisations that support child mothers. “Every single hour, due to circumstances beyond their control or one careless moment’s exposure to risk, more than 1,600 Ugandan adolescents will give birth.” For the full article see

Dr. Lubega Kazooba, senior health officer in Mbarara, Uganda, has described the country’s teenage pregnancy rate as ‘alarming’. The rate of teenage pregnancy in the country now stands at 30%. Ugandan teenagers as young as 11 are becoming pregnant. For the full article see


Statistics for the exact number of pregnant teens vary as often pregnancies in rural districts go unreported. However, it is accepted by health experts that Uganda has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in sub-Saharan Africa. UNICEF estimates that 1 in 4 teens is pregnant.

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