Buy Breakfast 1000 Challenge

Buy Breakfast 1000 Challenge

The primary objective of Feed a Million Mouths International is to feed 1,000,000 nutritionally vulnerable Africans within three years. To meet this huge challenge we need to break it up into more manageable, supporting, goals. The Buy Breakfast 1000 challenge is the first of these.

What is the Buy Breakfast 1000 Challenge?

The goal of the Buy Breakfast 1000 Challenge is to provide the equivalent of one meal a day for 1000 nutritionally vulnerable people in Uganda, for one month. That means that the Buy Breakfast 1000 Challenge will provide 30,000 meals.

What is the Meal That Will Be Provided?

The Buy Breakfast 1000 Challenge will provide our pre-cooked, high protein, corn soy blend porridge, to the neediest in the At Risk Communities we seek to serve. This delicious porridge is called Meal-in-1. It will be provided in Vanilla, Banana and Strawberry flavours.

How Does the Buy Breakfast 1000 Challenge work?

The Challenge is simple

Will you Buy Breakfast for someone who cannot afford to Buy Breakfast for themselves?

To Buy Breakfast simply go to the FAMMI E-shop and buy as many Breakfast Packs as you want.

Indicate your preferred beneficiary and pay for your purchase.

FAMMI will send you an invoice for your purchase and will distribute your Breakfast Pack to an individual or organization in Uganda that matches your preferred beneficiary choice.

Where does my Breakfast Pack go?

For a full explanation of how your Breakfast Pack will be managed click HERE

The Buy Breakfast 1000 Challenge campaign will run from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2019